Games at Kentro68

At every visit to Kentro68, children can:

 Play board games with their friends or our volunteers

 Develop their artistic abilities with crafts, drawing, painting

  Compete with their friends by playing foosball, ping-pong, air-hockey

  Enjoy a tasty snack & beverage


The festivals take place daily in the evening for three weeks, during the summer, as soon as the schools close.

The neighboring square, that hosts us, comes to life by the voices and laughter of children. The atmosphere is festive and a crowd of children, parents, grandparents and friends enjoy the coolness of the evening sun draped with the famous Greek “blue” sky.

Children enjoy playing group games, water balloon volleyball, relay races, water games, tug-of-war, limbo, obstacle course, 4-way-tug of war and more.

At the same time, in different corners of the square are other kids on stilts, throwing frisbees, while still others are having their faces painted or choosing which animal balloon they like best.

The Photobooth is made by hanging a large sheet in one corner of the square and completed with different costumes, wigs, fake mustaches, funny glasses, strange clothes, plastic weapons, fancy items, etc. The children come running to choose what they will wear, to be photographed alone or with friends, and then receive their photographs on the last day of the festivals.

With much enthusiasm the children form teams to play in a mini 5 on 5 championship. The excitement of the tournament is playing in front of all their friends who are waiting impatiently in the stands for their turn to step foot on the field.

The children feel that they are big soccer players by wearing colored bibs, having referees, someone keeping the time and the score, and the stands being full. At the end of the tournament medals are given to all the members of the wining team along with a throphy that is placed within the center to be displayed for all to see. All this together gives the character of a “real” championship to kids who otherwise would not be able to experience such events.

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