These lessons are offered to primary and middle school students (Modern & Ancient Greek and Math) and are provide with the help of retired/practicing teachers or volunteer students.

The lessons do not replace the teachers’ work in schools but offer additional help to children by answering any question or by explaining areas that may be difficult.


It is NOT a lesson, there is NO homework, it does NOT require studying, there is NO need for books, it does NOT create stress and of course there is NOT a word about final exams.

It is on the other hand a fun and creative way to practice English through activities and games exclusively in English with the help of English speaking volunteers.


Our library aspires to become a little source of knowledge and education for the neighborhood children who are on a quest to learn. It offers a growing selection of books for children from 6 years old up to teenagers and young adults.

It includes, fairytales, children’s fiction (Greek and translated), mythology, classic novels, etc.

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